International Women’s Day

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International Women’s Day provides an opportunity  for us all to come together around the world and shine a light on the work we are doing to drive gender balance. Here at Merlin we are committed to breaking the bias, removing roadblocks for women and helping women have the confidence to reach their leadership potential.To celebrate International Women’s Day in Trade this year we’re shining a light on an important woman close to our hearts, Marie Tussaud, whom our Madame Tussauds attractions around the world are indebted to. As a brand Madame Tussauds has over 250 years of history and many of the techniques and processes used to make our figures date back to the time of Marie herself.

Who’s Marie Tussaud?Marie Tussaud, originally Marie Grosholtz was born in Strasbourg in 1761. She learnt the art of wax modelling creating her first wax figure in 1777 and took her exhibition on tour to the British Isles in 1802. Marie became Madame Tussaud in 1791 when she married François Tussaud. Marie Tussaud is a symbol of strength, perseverance and talent. Despite living through unthinkable circumstances and surviving the French revolution, her artistic gift of creating amazingly lifelike wax figures carried her from France to the UK, to create a global brand worth millions today.Tussaud lived during a time when women were scarce in all professional vocations. Despite the odds set against her and the years of danger in France, she followed her passions and went into business for herself, alone in a new country with amazing success. She’s a true inspiration to us all and the woman we celebrate today.
Did You Know?

Here’s some interesting facts about Marie Tussaud. Swot up on your Madame Tussauds history here!
  • Marie Tussaud created her first solo wax figure of Voltaire aged just 15
  • She was also a tutor to the King’s (Louise XVI) sister Élisabeth, sharing her artistic knowledge
  • Marie was seen by people as a royalist and was arrested. She even had her head shaved in preparation for her guillotine execution!
  • She was forced to make death masks of Marie Antoinette, Robespierre and even held King Louis XVI’s head in her lap!
  • Marie toured the UK for over three decades with her wax collection.
  • Marie made an impact on popular culture and was featured in video game Assassin’s Creed Unity, which takes place in the French Revolution.