The York Dungeon

Day Trips


Experience a 75-minute journey into more than 2000 years of York’s horrible history.

Battle and terrible tortures await all you horrible Saxon traitors as the Vikings capture the city. Bearded, bold and built like brick houses, they will take NO prisoners in their quest to conquer York!

As you journey through the Dungeon, we’ll treat you to a VERY close encounter with Snore Short Sword, the Viking-master-weapon-making–machine. His arrogance and dim wittedness is as hilariously funny as it is dangerous. He’ll introduce you to the most unpleasant of tortures… viper pits, whipping and the infamous blood eagle are just part of the entertainment line-up for you!

So fix up, look sharp, danger lies ahead; you’ll jump (if you have any sense), you’ll laugh at your own ridiculous behaviour and if you’re lucky you might make it out alive…

Suitable for ages 8+

75 minute experience

10 live action shows

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