LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

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LEGOLAND Windsor Resort


The ultimate LEGO® adventure

With over 55 rides, live shoes and attractions set over 150 acres of parkland,  the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort is a destination that is not to be missed! Whether you are earning your very first driving licence behind the wheel of a LEGO® car at the LEGO® City Driving School, riding a Dragon through a medieval castle or discovering the lost metropolis of Atlantis in as Submarine, you are guaranteed to have to ultimate LEGO® adventure.

An Incredible New World 

Every time a child takes care building a LEGO® creature – no matter how big or small – unbeknown to them, that creature comes to life in a parallel world. A portal to that world has just been discovered at the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort… Enter LEGO® MYTHICA, a parallel universe where mythical creatures come to life before your eyes

NEW FOR  2023


LEGOLAND Windsor and Ferrari team-up to announce the UK’s first LEGO Ferrari Build and Race attraction due to open this summer 2023.

Featuring three interactive zones, young racers will get the chance to build, test and digitally scan their own LEGO Ferrari car to race on world-famous racetrack Pista di Fiorano.


Suitable for ages 3 – 12

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