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Britain’s Greatest Escape

Escape to the fantabulous world of the Alton Towers Resort, home to the UK’s leading theme park set within 500 acres of beautiful Staffordshire countryside. From rushing through the burning Wicker Man to becoming part of Postman Pat’s special delivery service; feeling g-forces greater than a space shuttle on Nemesis to joining Igglepiggle on the magical In The Night Garden boat ride; there is endless fun and thrills for ‘kids’ of all ages!

Alton Towers continues to have some additional hygiene and safety measures in place throughout their Resort. For the latest information of Coronavirus guidance at Alton Towers Resort please visit here.

NEW FOR 2023


Coming 18th March, ready or not! Prepare to explore The Curse at Alton Manor. A haunting dark ride, taking you on a hair-raising journey through the spectacular twist and turns of the cursed Manor.

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